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I’m Ollie, partner to a Scotsman, mother to daughters Evie (born 2016) and Izarra (born 2019) and fur child Sophie (born 2006).

I am Australian born to a German mother of Hungarian/Croatian descent and an Australian father of Scottish/Welsh decent. Having a mixed ancestry has definitely contributed to my outlook on life, love of food and travel.

I am the second youngest of 11 children (a blended family of full, half and step siblings), I prefer not to use the half and step titles though.

In 2014, after many years of planning and gaining the self-belief and confidence I packed up my life in Australia into 24 boxes (mostly kitchen ware and shoes), sold my house and all other items and moved myself and my Staffordshire Terrier Sophie to Scotland, the place which has always run through my blood, been like a gravitational force pulling me to and the place I call home.

I never thought I was going to be a mum as I focused on my career and the lifestyle it allowed me to have. I worked hard, partied just as hard and travelled as much as I could, which meant there wasn’t time to meet the right person to change my priorities. Some people bring out the worst in you, those people are not your people and I had spent most of my adult life in relationships which triggered the worst of me and I potentially triggered the worst in these people. That all changed when I met Alan in 2015. The moment we met I felt a calmness and ease that I had never experienced with someone I was attracted to, it was most likely because I had decided I was comfortable with being single and wasn’t looking to change that status anytime soon and then 9 months after meeting, our planned (what we thought anyway) course in life changed significantly when we found out we were expecting Evie! It is funny what life has installed for us!

Since then life has been what I can only describe as my kind of perfectly imperfect, full of highs and some lows - for which we would not cherish the highs without. Not only have we grown as a family and couple but also as individuals. We are definitely far from perfect parents but we are enjoying muddling our way through this adventure trying to work it all out.

I believe in being open and honest and this is something that has increased with age. I hope you enjoy reading my take on all things life, parenting, travel and everything in between.


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All photos and thoughts published by me are my own.