Isle of Harris Gin - Scotland

Lets start with the bottle.  If you are into upcycling this gin is one you want to get hold of for the bottle alone, made of a bespoke blue, clear glass which immediately evokes the sea. It instantly leads you to a tropical paradise, which is Ironic when Isle of Harris is far from tropical with its location on the west of Scotland.  The bottle has been topped off with a wooden cap that’s been etched with the distillery’s name and logo and sealed with a tag identifying the isles co-ordinates.  The label is also uncomplicated.  It has been applied by hand and is on a rich textured paper with flecks of gold which act as a reminder that you are drinking an island gin.  

So do the contents live up to the packaging…in a word, absolutely! On the nose, it smells like Isle of Harris has played it safe, it’s a gin that smells of gin. However, do not let that deter you.  This is a refreshingly clean finishing gin which has been well balanced with citrus flavours, yet not sickly sweet with a gentle reminder of the saltiness of the sea, all thanks to the use of the sea kelp. 

The Isle of Harris gin is a favourite in our house, with even the non-gin (Alan) lover being a fan.  Usually I like to play around with tonics and garnish for my gins however with Isle of Harris there is no need as I do not want to taint the taste of this one!  My advice is to keep it simple with grapefruit and Fever Tree Tonic.

Isle of Harris do also have a Sugar Kelp Aromatic Water which can be purchased to enhance the “maritime elements” of the gin however I’m yet to try this and in all honestly I’m not sure if it is required unless you like to drink your gin neat.