Ruttes Celery Gin - The Netherlands

As the name suggests, Rutte’s Celery Gin tastes of Celery. On the nose it smells of the typical gin notes of juniper with fresh notes of citrus. The flavour builds with herbaceous celery, a hint of orange giving a subtle sweetness and ending with peppery notes. The finish is mouth-watering, refreshing and lengthy.

If celery isn’t a taste you enjoy then its best to avoid this gin, while its not in your face its definitely there. This is a light and refreshing gin with a citrus hint. This is a gin that reminds me of Hendricks, which must be served with cucumber, the Celery Gin must be served with a stick of celery and enjoyed on a warm day.

I like to use a Fever Tree Indian or Mediterranean Tonic.

If you are a fan of a classic Bloody Mary, then substitute the vodka with this gin to make a great Red Snapper or mix up a tall martini with this gin as the base.

celery gin.jpeg