When Kids and Knives mix - My Wee Sous Chef

Evie is desperate to help out where ever she can and that includes in the kitchen. As I like cooking (I find it relaxing) and tend to spend a fair amount of time in the kitchen, I figured that having her with me when I prepare meals is a great way to encourage her to have a healthy relationship with food and teach her how to cook. I also know that she likes to copy what I’m doing and maybe even enjoys spending time with me, lets see how long that lasts, I have a feeling she is going to think I’m uncool all too soon!!

You don’t have to have children to understand that the kitchen is not the safest of environments for kids, so to try and reduce the dangers a little I purchased child safe Jatidne knives from Amazon after she grabbed my Shun Chefs knife, which I have almost cut my fingers off with countless times, from the kitchen counter while I turned my back to grab something from the fridge. These knives mean that not only can she be involved with meal prep but they are also helping with her fine motor skills and I don't have to be worried she is going to chop her fingers off! The knives are made from a premium nylon material with serrated edges. While they can cut through fruit and veggies with ease, they help to safeguard fingers from the dangers of metal knives. They came in a pack of 4 assorted colours (Pink, the only one Evie is interested in, Green, Orange and Blue) complete with a chopping board. All are 100% Food Grade and BPA-Free. She now has a little space of her own next to me and to be fair I am enjoying being able to share my passion for food and cooking with her as much as she is enjoying join in.

I’ve provided the direct link to Amazon below if you would like to purchase for yourself. At just under £8 these are an absolute bargain and the Orange one may even become my favorite kitchen knife in the house!